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Siting Simplified

Introducing Footprints, our next-generation siting application.

Footprints is a uniquely designed application that allows builders to provide accurate & professional house sitings to potential clients. We cater for builders of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Footprints provides the simplest, most efficient and versatile method for siting a house.

Footprints has been designed by industry experienced consultants, determined to eliminate the day to day frustrations with manually siting a house. Our simple step by step process ensures quick and efficient sitings every time. Your clients can now be provided with a professional siting - every time.

Step by Step Process

Our easy to understand process means anyone can site a home. Fast and effective sitings every time.

Pin-point Accuracy

Our 100% accurate process greatly reduces user error and the likelihood of an incorrect siting.

Any Lot Shape or Size

Tricky curves, large blocks, different easement types.. Footprints can handle them all.

Any Facade & Option Combination

Footprints accommodates all your facade & structural option combinations. Assembled with just a few mouse clicks.

Easy Customisation

Easily execute extensions or reductions. Including perfect placement.

Beautifully Branded PDF Output

Your exported sitings feature your unique branding and unique colour scheme.

Extended Functionality

Many new features have been introduced in Footprints 2.0. Here are some highlights.

Dual Occupancy

Users can now load multiple houses at once for dual occupancy range homes. A smart interface allows you to easily switch between houses.

User Stats

Easily measure & understand exactly which houses, facades and options your clients are enquiring about. Footprints captures your use statistics in an informative way that helps you drive business outcomes.

NSW Manual Trace

NSW Sales Plans are often provided with limited information. To accommodate this, we have introduced a manual tracing tool specifically for NSW Builders.